Bath & Body Collection

As South Boston’s first and only natural health and wellness apothecary, we have carefully curated a selection of Bath & Body products from eco-friendly brands that use ingredients everyone can pronounce.

Sanitizer Lotion
Sanitizer Lotion $5.50
Unicorn Dreams Cupcake Bath Bomb
Unicorn Dreams Cupcake Bath Bomb $12.00
Original Toothpaste
Original Toothpaste $7.99
Sleep Body Wash
Sleep Body Wash $24.00
CALM Foaming Milk Bath
CALM Foaming Milk Bath Sold Out
De-Stress Body Oil
De-Stress Body Oil $45.00
MEND Muscle & Joint Salve
MEND Muscle & Joint Salve $18.00
CBD Bath Salts
CBD Bath Salts $65.00
I-Recover Body Soak
I-Recover Body Soak $42.00
Essential Body Lotion
Essential Body Lotion $28.00
Natural Deodorant Stick
Natural Deodorant Stick $13.00
HEAL First Aid Salve
HEAL First Aid Salve $18.00
Whipped Body Butter
Whipped Body Butter $52.00
Sensitive Toothpaste
Sensitive Toothpaste $7.99
CBD Body Lotion
CBD Body Lotion $40.00
Sleep Soak
Sleep Soak $42.00
Sleep Body Oil
Sleep Body Oil $45.00
De-Stress Body Wash
De-Stress Body Wash $24.00
Energize Body Oil
Energize Body Oil $45.00
Coconut Citrus Scrub
Coconut Citrus Scrub $40.00
Armpit Detox Cleansing Bar
Armpit Detox Cleansing Bar $15.00
LUCIDITY Sleep & Dream Balm
LUCIDITY Sleep & Dream Balm $15.00
SOAK Soothing Mineral Bath
SOAK Soothing Mineral Bath Sold Out