Ultra Potency Shroom Gummies

By Wunder

Our High Potency Kavalactone Infused Entheogenic Mind Trip Gummies were designed to allow for a deep sense of physical relaxation while igniting the mind in an extraordinary fusion that transcends boundaries of a fungi only blend. Crafted with a proprietary selection of mushrooms, botanical extracts, visionary ingredients, and soothing high potency kavalactone's, these mind altering gummies deliver euphoric sensations and unlock inner exploration. Dive into each juicy Grape bite and explore vibrant colors dancing and perception shifts while embracing a transformative

journey within. Each blissful bite is a synergy of high performing kavalactones, mushrooms and entheogens elevating your sense to new heights. Unleash the extraordinary within you and let your mind soar into uncharted possibilities with each dose.

Wunder's High Potency 7500mg Entheogenic Nootropic Blend Gummies provide the ultimate experience in mind-enhancing effects. Each gummy contains an ultra-high potency of 750mg, allowing maximum effect without having to eat several gummies. This nootropic blend is free of Amanita and Ibotenic Acid, making it a safe, natural, and effective way to enhance your state of mind. Get 10 mind-melting pieces in every package.

Grape Adds 1,500mg of Kava (150mg per gummy)

Strawberry Banana (Strawnana) is purely a mushroom blend.

Sour Apple Adds 2mg THC-P (0.2mg per gummy)


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