Evil Eye Candle

By Chiji

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Our Evil Eye Crystal Energy Candle can shield you with positivity. Black obsidian, labradorite, grey agate, clear quartz, and sodalite can protect you from ill wishes and negative energy, keeping you safe from the evil eye. Fill your life with love, safety, and the spicy scent of amber and clove.

The miniature crystals within the candle include:

  •  Black Obsidian can help clear out the negativity or pain held within, making room for more positivity and self-love.
  •  Labradorite raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies. It can also balance and protect the aura.
  •  Grey Agate is the ultimate balancer; a powerful stone that harmonizes the yin and yang energies, allowing for more harmony.
  •  Clear Quartz is an amplifier and healer. It can power other crystals to amplify their energies.
  •  Sodalite can bring more emotional balance and calmness. It can enhance self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-trust, and self-love.


Scent Profile:




Please note:

  • Candles are 100% natural soy wax and clean burning. 
  • Burn Time: 48-50 hours
  • Candle Size: 200g / 7oz
  • Scents are produced by a high-quality fragrance house corporation that follows strict IRFA testing to ensure that none of the ingredients are toxic or harmful in any way. 
  • Crystals are ethically sourced, real, and natural.
  • Includes larger crystal to meditate with: Black Obsidian

The description provided about crystals and stone is for information purposes only and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.




Candle Care

To get the most life out of your candle, you will need to be intentional in the way you burn your candle before, during, and after the very first burn.


Prior to the first time you light your new crystal energy candle, you must trim the wick, as this will help increase burn time and prevent the soot from the wick from falling into the wax and ruining the pure, aesthetic appeal of your candle. If you do not trim the wick, then your candle will give off a less-than-desirable smoky effect, and you will burn through your beautiful candle much faster than you would if you trim the wick first.


As you may be able to see from the outside of the candle, there is a larger crystal hidden within the wax. In order to prevent the candle from burning poorly, you will need to remove this crystal with a spoon after the first three to four hours of the first burn. Once you remove the crystal from your candle wax, you can bring it into any of your spaces to fill the room with abundance, protection, positive vibes, and love.