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Recoop is the first all-natural supplement system designed to help you find balance in your boost. Our thoughtfully blended formulas reduce the negative side effects of prescription stimulants, while promoting better focus, deeper sleep and overall well being.

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As South Boston’s first and only natural health and wellness apothecary, we have carefully curated a selection of products from Recoop made with ingredients everyone can pronounce.

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When we learned there were no natural solutions for stimulant side effects, we set out to create our own. Recoop is a breakthrough, clinically-researched, twice-a-day supplement designed to replenish your body with everything stimulants are known to strip away.

We formulated Recoop by researching all the side effects associated with stimulants – and the natural ingredients that counteract them. For example, the anxiety you feel while taking stimulants? We’ve counteracted it with L-theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, that picks you up without putting you to sleep.


Recoop not only reduces the side effects , but it also breaks the stimulant cycle by reducing tolerance and preventing amplified symptoms that come from increased dosage.
Stimulants are highly effective at first, but over time our system builds a tolerance and we need more to get the same effect. While the benefits remain the same, the negative side effects are amplified with increased dosage. Recoops is formulated to break the cycle, so you no longer have to choose between productivity and wellbeing. 


Recoop is manufactured in the US in a cGMP facility, according to FDA guidelines. We use the highest quality ingredients, which are always vegetarian, gluten free, all natural and cruelty free.


We have thoughtfully selected all of our ingredients through extensive scientific research, testing countless blends before landing on our highly effective formula.