Skin Care Collection

As South Boston’s first and only natural health and wellness apothecary, we have carefully curated a selection of skin care products from eco-friendly brands that use ingredients everyone can pronounce.

Active Oil-Free Moisturizer
Active Oil-Free Moisturizer $60.00
Banish Stick
Banish Stick $28.00
Blemish Lotion
Blemish Lotion $26.00
Brightening Cleanser
Brightening Cleanser $34.00
Clearing Mask
Clearing Mask $60.00
Co Q10 Toner
Co Q10 Toner $34.00
Daily Skin Nutrition
Daily Skin Nutrition $80.00
Daily Vitamin Infusion
Daily Vitamin Infusion Sold Out
Gentle Daily Peel
Gentle Daily Peel $65.00
I-Waken Eye Serum
I-Waken Eye Serum $48.00
Purifying Face Wash
Purifying Face Wash $34.00
Radiance Renewal Peel
Radiance Renewal Peel $70.00
Rosehip Cleanser
Rosehip Cleanser $34.00
Squalane Facial Oil
Squalane Facial Oil $34.00
Stem Cell Serum
Stem Cell Serum $135.00
Superfruit Facial Cream
Superfruit Facial Cream $105.00