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THC Infinity Cartridge 2.2G
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Sativa- Lemonade KushSativa- GlueberrySativa- OrangeadeHybrid- Gas BerryHybrid- Tropic KushIndica- Strawberry CerealIndica- Watermelon Mojito+ 4 more
THC Infinity Disposable 3G
Sativa- Lemonade KushSativa- OrangeadeSativa- Glue BerryHybrid- Gas BerryHybrid- Tropic KushIndica- Watermelon MojitoIndica- Strawberry Cereal+ 4 more
Delta Blend Gummies
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Peaches & CreamSour StrawberryWatermelon
Live Resin Mutant Blend
Alien OGBlueberry SwirlHawaiian Pineapple
Live Resin Galactic Blend (HHC, HHCo, THCP, HHCP, D9o) Disposable (2000mg)
StardawgPineapple Peach MangoKiwi Passionfruit GuavaDragon's BreathTahoe AlienHardcore OG+ 3 more
THCB Disposable 2G
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Sativa- ZazayaHybrid- Bubble RuntzIndica- Unicorn Piss
Potion Blend Cartridge
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Sativa- Platinum CookiesSativa- Banana OGHybrid- Lemon JackHybrid- CookiesHybrid- Ice Cream CakeIndica- Cereal MilkIndica- OG KushIndica- Blueberry OG+ 6 more
90% THC-P Disposable
Sativa- Orange SodaHybrid- Dream LotusIndica- Guava Jam
Liquid Diamonds Disposable
Sativa- Lemon Cherry ZkittlesHybrid- White Gummy ZtarburstIndica- Purplato Zyrup
Super Blend Cookie
Toffee OreoDark Chocolate CappucinoPeanut Butter MarshmallowOrange Pistachio+ 1 more

A full analysis on THC-P

What is THC-P?

THCP is a recently discovered cannabinoid that’s found at very low levels in some strains of marijuana, and can be produced in a laboratory by altering legal hemp-derived CBD. It was found accidentally by Italian researchers in 2019 during analysis of a particular marijuana strain.

THCP’s molecular structure is significantly different from Delta-9’s. It has a longer alkyl side chain (the “tail” of atoms that extends out from the bottom of the largest part of the molecule). The oversized side chain—seven carbon atoms versus five in Delta 9—allows THCP to bind more readily with human CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors, which means its effects are likely to be more potent in the brain and body

Roughly 3 times as potent as Delta-9 THC, it’s thought to be 33 times more active at cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptors than Delta -9 THC, causing an intense and intoxicating euphoric high. THCP, which is short for tetrahydrocannabiphorol and scientifically known as (-)-Trans-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabiphorol, is a natural cannabinoid and analog of THC present in varieties of cannabis.