Abundance Crystal Set


Our Abundance and New Beginnings Crystal Set is comprised of Green Jade, Grey Agate, Moonstone, Aventurine, and Amazonite, held in an elegant pouch. These striking crystals can provide you with blessings and bravery as you enter new chapters in your life.


The crystals within the set include:

  • Green Jade is a natural healer and purifier for your space. 
  • Grey Agate is the ultimate balancer; a powerful stone that can harmonize the yin and yang energies, allowing for more harmony.
  • Moonstone is considered the stone of fertility and new beginnings; it can enhance good fortune and love.
  • Aventurine carries positive energy and can dispel any negativity or negative energy.
  • Amazonite can encourage good luck and fortune, so it can bring more prosperity and abundance into your life.

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