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B. Chill Hemp Honey


Need to take a breath and decompress? Find your happy place, day or night, with Mother Nature’s zen masters: raw honey and hemp.    

While hemp is famous for its ability to help you unwind, raw honey is a natural when it comes to promoting restorative shut-eye, thanks to its ability to support the body’s production of melatonin. Unlike other relaxation alternatives, you can sleep well knowing that there are no worrisome side effects. You won’t even feel groggy in the morning. B.Chill is nature’s dose of calm.                       

Each jar of B.Chill Honey is made with USA-grown hemp and formulated with a special MCT emulsion to maximize bioavailability and absorption. This ensures that our hemp extract is evenly dispersed throughout, meaning you’ll get a consistent dose of chill in each spoonful.   

And in case you were wondering, B.Chill is completely non-psychoactive and contains 0% THC. You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

How To Use

Enjoy ½ a teaspoon for a dose of calm during a hectic, stressful day.  
When you’re ready for bed, take a full teaspoon (unless you actually enjoy counting sheep).


Raw enzymatic honey, hemp extract, coconut medium chain triglycerides (MCT), and sunflower lecithin.

Each 125g jar contains 500mg of hemp extract. 
Each 230g jar contains 900mg of hemp extract.     

Contains no: artificial preservatives, colors, refined sugar, gluten, wheat, yeast, corn, soya, dairy, or egg.