Love Bracelet Stack


The Love Bracelet Stack helps to promote relaxation of body, mind and spirit, tame the inner critic, balance the heart chakra and tune into its deepest desires.

It includes the following three bracelets:

  • Peace and Love Stacking Bracelet: Calming amazonite reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation while rose quartz attracts love and imparts harmony in all relationships. The soft gentle energy of this bracelet offers support for so many life transitions and it pairs beautifully so many others.
  • Divine Feminine Stacking Bracelet: Made with peach aventurine, tulsi, and rose quartz, this feminine palette will help to quiet the inner critic and soften the heart to allow for more grace and acceptance, helping you to step into your personal power and embrace the goddess within.
  • Follow Your Heart Stacking Bracelet: The follow your heart bracelet is designed with a mix of high vibe crystals to help you relax into that part of yourself that knows the way, and with clarity, joy and ease take actions that align with your heart. It is primarily made of matte rose quartz which balances and heals the heart, promoting harmony in relationships and restores self love. It is accented with larimar chips that offer a wonderfully relaxing vibe that calls on the energy of the sea to help you flow like water. It also includes green flourite to promote clarity, dalmatian jasper for joy and protection, lavastone for grounding and balancing your energy, and labradorite for protecting your aura and expanding your consciousness to truly know what it is your heart needs. The follow your heart bracelet may be used as a diffuser for your favorite oils by dropping the oil into the grey lavastone.

Length measures approximately 7.5" and comes on stretchy elastic cord to easily slip over the hand. Natural stones will vary slightly in color.

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