Motivate Diffuser


As a strong sativa blend, Lemon is a talkative strain with a Limonene base offering bright, joyful, and energetic effects that can improve mood.

The all in one diffuser for casual or first time Δ8 users.

If you’ve never used our products before, we recommend starting slow to find your tolerance level.

500 mg Delta-8

USB-C Rechargeable 

280 mAh battery

300 Puffs

Discreet design

Energetic Citrus Flavor

*Our Δ8 Distillate is highly viscous. As a result, Hii Stick coils may clog or you may experience a burning taste after intensive use. See our FAQ if you run in to this issue. If you are planning on intensely using our products, we recommend you try our Hii Cartomizers.

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