Super Anti-Inflammatory-Carbon Technology

The most advanced anti-inflammatory, CBD product that has ever been created, using our bio-technology delivery system known as Carbon Technology. Combining CO2 extracted, full spectrum organic cannabinoids and our heirloom strain of DHA & EPA is a ground breaking discovery, that provides our body's endogenous cannabinoid system with exactly what it needs to continue producing cannabinoids on its own.

In addition to CBD, this formula contains TetraHydroCurcumin (C3), the most bio-available form of the ancient healing root, turmeric. C3 bypasses the conversion process for an immediate therapeutic effect. We also added Boswellia Sacra, a powerful plant used for centuries for healing and is now backed by science for its powerful anti inflammatory effect. Combat systemic inflammation while enjoying the incredible flavor of this revolutionary formula.

What makes Cymbiotika Nexus superior to all other CBD products available?

  • Full spectrum organic CBD (freshly harvested) provides full plant profile verses isolated CBD compounds
  • Only company in the world combining CBD with advanced Carbon Technology delivery
  • Phospholipids encourage maximum absorption for both CB1 (brain) and CB2 (immune system) receptor sites
  • Providing the most powerufl synergistic Anti-Inflammatroy compounds
  • TetraHydroCurcuminoid is a patented form of turmeric (curcumin) that is 250 times more absorbable than other turmeric products sold
  • China Free
  • Produced in a GMP Organic certified lab
  • 3rd Party tested for purity
  • Zero Heavy Metals
  • Packaged in a 60 ml glass bottle with coated UV Protection Technology
  • Glass rolling ball so ingredients never touch plastic.
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