Recoop Wellness Set

By Recoop

The Supplement Set (a perfect pairing of our daytime Balance blend and nighttime Recovery blend) is the complete Recoop system, designed to naturally replenish dopamine and restore your body’s natural balance – before, during and after stimulant use.

Recoop is the first all-natural supplement system designed to reduce the negative side effects of stimulants, helping you find balance in your boost.

Take two Balance capsules every morning to stay focused on stimulants, without the jitters. Complete your Recoop routine by taking two Recovery capsules 30 minutes before bedtime, to fall asleep fast and rise ready.


Feeling unfocused during the day, and restless at night? The Wellness Set targets both with a unique vitamin and mineral blend.
We designed Recoop for individuals with ADHD to provide the nutritional needs of the nervous system with extra support around the clock. Balance curbs a.m. jitters while Recovery promotes a more restful sleep.


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