Zen Bracelet Stack- Discontinued

The Zen Bracelet Stack helps to relax and still your mind and ground your spirit. All of these bracelets can be used as an oil diffuser to incorporate the powerful of aromatherapy in your day. It includes the following three bracelets:

7.5" and comes on stretchy elastic cord to easily slip over the hand. Natural stones will vary slightly in color.

Be Calm Stacking Bracelet

Made with white howlite, tulsi aka holy basil, coco shell, white turquoise, grey lava stone, and wood, this mix promotes calmness, reduces stress, supports sleep, and also serves as a diffuser for your favorite essential oils. Holy basil is a sacred plant in India and is a medicinal powerhouse widely used in ayurveda for combating stress, inflammation, providing protection, and more.

Grounded Stacking Bracelet:

Made with coco shell, wood, dalmatian jasper, and tulsi, this bracelet brings all the earthy vibes for grounding and balancing your root chakra, recognizing the impermanence of all things, and staying focused on what really matters. The dalmatian jasper adds an element of lightheartedness to remind you not to take yourself too seriously.

Mindful Bracelet:

The mindful stacking bracelet is designed to diffuse your favorite oils, using the power of smell to anchor you in present moment awareness. It's made with porous grey lavastone that promotes balance, white howlite that imparts calmness, and natural coco shell and wood that offers grounding vibes. With a neutral palette, it blends beautifully with other bracelets or wear it solo for a modern minimalist statement. To diffuse, simply drop your favorite oils into the grey lavastones. By incorporating fragrance, you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and leverage the power of your senses to promote mindful moments. Take it a step further by programming an intention or affirmation on mindfulness. Length measures approximately