Under $25 Collection

As South Boston’s first and only natural health and wellness apothecary, we have carefully curated a selection of products under $25 from eco-friendly brands that use ingredients everyone can pronounce.

Goli Gummies
Goli Gummies $20.00
CBD Chocolate Bar
CBD Chocolate Bar $15.00
CBD Bath Bomb
CBD Bath Bomb $14.00
deVINE Gift Card
deVINE Gift Card from $10.00
Sanitizer Lotion
Sanitizer Lotion $5.50
CBD Smokes
CBD Smokes $12.99
Amethyst Crystal Candle
Amethyst Crystal Candle $22.00
Instafuel Matcha
Instafuel Matcha $17.00
Obsidian Crystal Candle
Obsidian Crystal Candle $22.00
LIQUID IV $23.99
Dream Water Beauty - 12 pack
Dream Water Beauty - 12 pack $3.75
Calm Hemp Joint
Calm Hemp Joint $8.99
Steep CBD Bath Tea
Steep CBD Bath Tea $14.00
Citrine Crystal Candle
Citrine Crystal Candle Sold Out
Unicorn Dreams Cupcake Bath Bomb
Unicorn Dreams Cupcake Bath Bomb $12.00
Chill Out Herbal Tea Box
Chill Out Herbal Tea Box $12.95
Original Toothpaste
Original Toothpaste $7.99
Moonstone Crystal Candle
Moonstone Crystal Candle Sold Out
PM Detox Herbal Tea Box
PM Detox Herbal Tea Box $12.95
Sleep Body Wash
Sleep Body Wash $24.00
Original Hemp Joint
Original Hemp Joint $8.99
Flavorless CBD Powder
Flavorless CBD Powder from $24.00
Rose Quartz Crystal Candle
Rose Quartz Crystal Candle Sold Out
CALM Foaming Milk Bath
CALM Foaming Milk Bath Sold Out
Stress Buster Herbal Tea Box
Stress Buster Herbal Tea Box $12.95
Superfood Hot Chocolate
Superfood Hot Chocolate $15.00
Hangover Cure Blend
Hangover Cure Blend Sold Out
Head Ease Roll On
Head Ease Roll On Sold Out
Kickback Lemonade Mellow Mango
Kickback Lemonade Mellow Mango $8.00
Activate Daily Jumpstart
Activate Daily Jumpstart $23.50
Nooks & Crannies CBD Soap
Nooks & Crannies CBD Soap $22.00
MEND Muscle & Joint Salve
MEND Muscle & Joint Salve $18.00
I-Bars Tokyo Protein Bars
I-Bars Tokyo Protein Bars $3.75
LIQUID IV $24.99
Healthy Living Kit
Healthy Living Kit $17.00
Winder Wonderland Kit
Winder Wonderland Kit $17.00
Self Care Kit
Self Care Kit $17.00
Stress Free Kit
Stress Free Kit $17.00
Sweater Weather Kit
Sweater Weather Kit $17.00
The Premium Kit
The Premium Kit $17.00
Performance Mushroom Blend
Performance Mushroom Blend $23.00