Each of our individual career paths and passions brought us together to found deVine in late 2019. 

After pursuing a career in software sales, Sergey Kuperman found he wanted to pursue his true passions: natural remedies and helping others. He founded his first company, Wave Hemp, in 2018.

His future co-founder, Parker Correnti, found his passion for health and wellness while on frequent trips to the Los Angeles area. He was instantly inspired by the focus on health and wellness on the west coast. Why wasn't this lifestyle embraced and valued amongst our society as a whole? This was a question that phased both of them....and one of the many reasons deVINE was born. 

So, where does Colby come in? When building deVine, Sergey and Parker knew they needed a female perspective. Someone with experience in both product formulation, and was as passionate as they were about health, wellness, and sustainability. Parker had an expert in mind: his sister, Colby. As a licensed esthetician and makeup artist, Colby acts as the guiding light when it comes to product formulation for deVine.

In addition to her industry experience in cosmetics, Colby had a success story of her own. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, an autoimmune disease that causes chronic pain in the muscles, joints, and nervous system. When she switched to an alternative holistic approach to treating her symptoms, it completely changed her life. As soon as she was approached about deVine, she knew she was passionate about the brand’s mission.

After brand conception, our founders needed to find a way to get our products into the hands of consumers who were searching for a solution. This is where deVINE Boston came to life. South Boston’s first and only natural health and wellness apothecary.

And there you have it. Three passionate entrepreneurs that came together under one simple cause: helping others.