Battery Pen

Our deVINE branded Battery is compatible with any 510 thread vape cartridge, easy to charge with the included charger or any android charger. The battery is travel-sized and easily fits into any pocket. Great for discreet use. 

Take advantage of the low temp and pre-heat functions! We generally recommend low temp hits (white) so you get the most flavor and smoothest hits! Pro-tip; use the pre-heat function to get an ultra-low temp hit (double tap button). The light will flicker while it's preheating and you can begin inhaling after a second or two and you will get a great flavorful hit! Tap the button once to cancel the heat, otherwise pre-heat function runs for about 7 seconds. 

On/Off (tap 5 times)

Multi-Voltage function (tap 3 times to change) high, medium, and low.

White is low, Blue is medium, Red is hot

Preheat function (tap 2 times).

Recommended not to charge more than 2 hours to preserve the life of the battery. 

  • Short- circuit protection
  • Overcharge protection



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Camilo Pachon

Really smooth, good flavor