THC-A Diamond & Kief Pre Roll

By Elyxr

Treat yourself to the highest luxury and potency of our THC-A Diamond Infused Pre Rolls! These Pre Rolls are a masterpiece, deliberately made using top-quality cannabis flowers and pure THC-A diamonds. Offering an unrivaled smoking experience that will elevate your senses to new heights, these pre rolls are infused with THC-A diamonds and coated with Kief, creating a CBD rich buffer around the pre roll. This ensures a smooth and flavorful journey with each puff. Embrace the epitome of excellence and embark on an extraordinary smoking adventure with our THC-A Diamond Infused Preroll.


Indica- Purple Berry

With every puff, let the amazing flavor of ripe berries tempt your palate. After a stressful day, this strain's indica dominance has a relaxing, serene impact that is ideal for relaxing. As you enter a level of relaxation and satisfaction, let the stress fade away. The sumptuous and tasty trip offered by the Purple Berry pre roll will take you in its alluring aroma and smooth smoke.

Indica- Summer Melon

Bring a blast of sweetness to your smoke session by drowning yourself in the delicious notes of ripe melon. Enjoy a quiet and calming experience as the effects of indica sweep over you, leaving you feeling relaxed and at rest. The Summer Melon preroll guarantees a lovely and relaxing smoke, whether you're relaxing at home or venturing outside.

Sativa- Rainbow Candy

Prepare for an upbeat and joyful journey as this sativa-dominant strain stimulates your creativity and attitude. It is the perfect option for social gatherings and artistic endeavors since you will feel a blast of happiness and upliftment. Let the Rainbow Candy preroll to brighten up your smoking session with a dash of color and leave you smiling.

Sativa- Blue Razz

This sativa strain is ideal for daytime use because it provides an energizing and exhilarating experience. As you engage in your favorite pastimes, take pleasure in increased attention, motivation, and a spark of creativity. Your mood will be lifted and your mind will be clear after smoking the Blue Razz pre roll, preparing you for the day.

Hybrid- Peach Orange Guava

Experience in the mellow blend of tropical sweetness. This delicious mixture has a sweet and sour flavor profile that is reminiscent of guava, orange zest, and juicy peaches. A perfect hybrid high lets you enjoy the finest of both worlds while feeling uplifted and relaxed at the same time.

Hybrid- Strawberry Lemonade

This delightful flavor fusion combines the tart tang of lemonade with the rich flavor of juicy strawberries. This preroll provides physical relaxation, mental clarity, and a perfect blend of sativa and indica effects. Enjoy the energizing and uplifting feeling as your tension and anxieties disappear like a June breeze. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alex Mccarthy

Had me in a coma for 3 days ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


The diamonds are real! 🫶🏾🍃


Smoked one of these baddies by the Charles. The tip of the joint is crystallized with THCA diamonds and the rest is mega kiefed. Burned evenly the whole time, no boats and got me and a friend feeling very nice!

Kelly Holly
THX-A Diamond & Kief pre rolled

I tried the purple berry, and as always, I was very satisfied. I'm a regular, so see you soon.