Delta-9 Live Rosin Taffy

Birthday Cake (Indica)

Rainbow sprinkles and sweet, buttery vanilla icing melt together with these soft, chewy salt water taffies. Includes 15mg of hemp THC, indica live rosin, and beachside nostalgia. No candles needed.

Nothing says "old-timey Americana" like salt water taffy. But with these sweet, pastry-flavored edibles, you're getting a flavor that has truly stood the test of time.

That's because we used an authentic recipe that dates back to 1914…with a few liberties taken. Well, "liberties" as in adding indica live rosin and hemp-derived THC.

When it's time to unwind, indicas are the connoisseur's choice (effects can vary). In other words, these taffies are great for warm baths, streaming movies, chilling to music, or recovering after a very, very fun weekend.

Through live rosin, we can preserve the complete terpene profile of the plant. That means when it's paired with Delta-9 from hemp, it can help promote indica properties.

Cotton Candy (Hybrid)

Step right up for the fluffy sweetness of blue raspberry cotton candy in soft, chewy salt water taffy. Each piece has 15mg of THC from hemp, hybrid live rosin, and flavor straight from the boardwalk.

The recipe we used for this taffy goes back over 100 years ago, but we took some slight liberties with it. Well, we just added hemp-derived THC and live rosin. That’s it.

But with just one bite out of these cotton candy-flavored confections, you'll come to know that taste is truly timeless.

Sativas are known to be bright and uplifting, while many enthusiasts turn to indicas for relaxation. So what’s in between? Hybrids, of course!

Through live rosin, we’re able to preserve a hybrid terpene profile. When paired with Delta-9 from hemp, it can promote indica and sativa properties. However, effects may vary.

Tutti Fruity (Sativa)

The fruity blend of candy flavors with a creamy finish in salt water taffy provides the taste of a weekend at the beach. But the feel? That's where the 15mg of hemp THC and sativa live rosin come in.

If you're looking for a taste that has stood the test of time, we'll you've found it. This Tutti Fruitti Salt Water Taffy recipe dates back to 1914. Yes, even before cannabis prohibition.

The only difference? Well, the cannabis. So it's not precisely your great-grandparents' taffy, but they'd probably recognize the taste but appreciate the added feeling.

Many enthusiasts turn to sativas for more uplifting, energizing, and even creative effects (results may vary). This quality makes them perfect for concerts, seeing a movie, or just regular weekend outings.

For these confections, we used sativa live rosin concentrate, which preserves the plant's terpene profile. When paired with Delta-9 from hemp, it can promote a sativa experience.


Delta-9, most commonly known as just "THC," is a cannabinoid held in high regard for many reasons. This tiny molecule has a lot to offer, including relief, relaxation, and plain simple fun.

We derived the Delta-9 for these taffies from hemp, and it's in a compliant concentration. So no matter what shore you're on (or if you're miles away from one), you can enjoy your peace in peace with these fruity confections.


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