Mudslide Delta-9 5mg Live Rosin Gummies

First concocted at a beach bar in Grand Cayman whose heavy cream was 86'd (but not their Irish cream), the Classic Mudslide is the epitome of decadence. So let loose and enjoy the taste of smooth cream, rich cocoa hints, and 5mg THC in each gummy.

It's no secret. A Mudslide cocktail isn't the friendliest for those counting calories. But these gummies? They come in at 10 per piece.

Plus, if you're holding off on booze, you're in for a treat. These edibles taste like a real- deal cocktail, but minus the alcohol. You're welcome.

To the well-versed, it's called "Delta-9 THC." But to the rest of us, it's just "THC." Yeah. That one. And infused with it is the "essence" of cannabis...aka live rosin concentrate.

For some, it's relaxing, helping conversations flow. And 5mg is excellent for beginners or those who desire a micro touch of nature's delight.

A pouch serves its purpose. Heck, that's why we use 'em. But you don't make a "Speakeasy Collection" for staying in for a night on the couch.

These are the gummies you take on a night out. And that's why we used tubes. They fit in your pocket or bag, keep the gummies from getting mushed, and easily pop out with a press, twist, and shake.

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Amanda Mccarthy
Best ever!!

Relax in no time!!! Thank you!!