THC Infused Cereal Bar

Van Gogh's Strawberries & Cream

Get your creative juices flowing with Van Gogh’s Creativity Blend Cereal Bar. This tasty cereal bar has a sweet strawberries-and-cream flavor, making it the perfect accessory for a long brainstorming session. Available in 1000mg, this blend is very potent. It’s strong enough to inspire all sorts of inventive new ideas. So give it a try and take your creativity to the next level today.

Dali's Dreamy Charms

Dream like you’ve never dreamed before with Dali’s Dream Blend Cereal Bar. It’s so delicious, you may be tempted to eat it whole in one sitting. But be warned- these are incredibly potent. Pharmacist-formulated to let you relax and dream away. So don’t hesitate, let our Dreamy Charms cereal bar take you away to a dreamy wonderland today.

Picasso's Berry Crunch

Experience pure joy with Picasso's Euphoria Blend Berry Crunch Cereal Bar. This powerful cereal bar packs a potent punch of 1000mg of your favorite cannabinoid blend: Picasso’s Euphoria. It’s guaranteed to induce feelings of euphoria and bliss. This Berry Crunch Cereal Bar is the ultimate way to unwind, relax, and appreciate life to the fullest. So take a bite and enjoy Euphoria!

Banksy's Cookies & Cream

Comfortably stay in, or come out of your shell with Banksy’s Introvert Cereal Bar. Available in the oh so delicious and beloved flavor Cookies N Cream, this expertly designed blend of is meant to help you release social anxiety and feel mentally alert and engaged. Pharmacist-formulated and especially curated just for you.


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Stephanie Howard

I’ve tried all four and love them all! Berry crunch tasted the best but I liked the effects of the strawberries and cream more