THC-A Infused Flower (pre-grounded)

By Elyxr

Reach new heights of experience with Elyxr's premium THC-A Flower enriched with 25% THC-A. We deliver our flower grounded up to ensure the Delta 9 THC levels are below 0.3% and deliver the classic "elevated" feeling when sparked up. With 6 different strains to choose from, enjoy the benefits of Elyxr’s top-tier hemp flowers. You can grab your THC-A Flower in offerings of 1/8th ounces, 1⁄4 ounces, and 1 whole ounce.

Try Elyxr's THC-A Flower for a high-quality classic bud that will elevate your experience with a smooth, slow burn that releases a rich, flavorful smoke!


Indulge in the perfect cerebral experience with Elyxr's THC-A Flower! Our well-balanced and potent hemp delivers 25% THC-A and less than 0.3% Delta-9 for maximum flavor and effectiveness.

THC-A may offer you some therapeutic benefits like relaxation and calmness, while providing you with a mind-bending, smooth, blissful high. The Delta-9 works in harmony with the THC-A, delivering a burst of psychoactive effects followed by a long-lasting calming sensation. Choose your preferred way to enjoy our THC-A Flower: Roll, Vape, Smoke, or Bake!

Throw a house-party and be the king of the crowd or enjoy it alone - our organically derived and fully lab-tested THC-A Flower is the ideal option for cannabis enthusiasts who crave a top-tier experience.

Manufactured in industry-leading labs and GMP-certified facilities, trust in Elyxr's commitment to quality and safety. Join the Elyxr cannaverse and immerse yourself in the pure, potent, and powerful effects of our THC-A Flower!


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